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Discount Cat Neuter / Spay Month Details

-In honor of the Scaredy Cat Holiday-
For the entire month of October
all Cat Neuters and Spays are 20% off!!

Cat Neuter price $72        Cat Spay price $124

Surgery drop offs between 7.30a-8.30a day of procedure.  Go home same day- time to be determined.

Minimum age 3 months.

No food after 10pm night prior, water is ok. 

Female cat cannot be recently or currently nursing kittens.  

Pre-anesthetic bloodwork option not included in discounted price.  WILL NOT be done on day of surgery.  IF ELECTED- ANIMAL NEEDS to come in 2 or more days ahead of scheduled surgery day to have blood drawn for bloodwork.   Price=$95

We require the Rabies vaccine to be up to date- either bring current Rabies certificate with pet, or required to get the vaccine on day of procedure- 22$ added to discounted  surgery price.  

There are only a select number of spots per day, so call or email to book today!

Remember we don't take checks for payment.

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